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Bay in the Balance: Ocean Acidification Threatens the Chesapeake Ecosystem

Bay in the Balance: Ocean Acidification Threatens the Chesapeake Ecosystem

As a Marylander, one of my favorite things to do is make the trek up to the Chesapeake Bay. Its sparkling waters, abundant wildlife, and dazzling beauty set it apart as a prime jewel of the East Coast. Nothing can compare to the experience of paddling down the Potomac River on a sunny day, the boughs of a sycamore arching overhead. Poetic license is unnecessary to describe the Bay and its many wonders.

Apart from being a stunner, the Bay provides major cultural and economic benefits. Its unique way of life is perfectly encapsulated in the small towns of Smith Island (population 364), where watermen make a living from the estuary’s bounty...

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Clara Benadon (USA)

2017 artikkelisarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 15-18v

Litter Less Campaign: The advertising brochure - a monster swallowing yearly a whole forest

The advertising field extends the most convincing invitation of a company to a potential client. A hypermarket from Romania is using annualy for advertising materials the wood which equals with a forest providing the necessary oxygen for a population as large as the one of Bacau town. Unfortunately, the need for obtaining profit has transformed in a monster which swallows the forest!


Most hypermarkets are using advertising brochures for selling their products, but some really exaggerate when having sales. Despite their being made of recyclable paper, such brochures a a big waste...

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Bîre Iulia-Gabriela (Romania)

2017 artikkelisarjan voittaja (Litter Less -kampanja) ikäryhmässä 15-18v

The food waste crisis

In Scotland, 600,000 tonnes of food are thrown away every year[1]. This is food waste. This amount of food, which could feed approximately 1.2 billion poor people, represents almost a third of household waste. In addition to this, at least 4.7 million people in the UK are in food poverty[2].

Food waste creates economic and environmental harms. Money, time, resources, and effort are often wasted by throwing away good food. It also generates very harmful greenhouse gas, which is dangerous to the planet...

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Amanda Amaeshi (Skotlanti)

2017 artikkelisarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v

Clean water is the source of our lives


The Budovar Canal is the stream that springs in the vicinity of the village of Čortanovci at Mountain Fruška Gora, flows through Eastern Srem, meanders and finally flows into the Danube River, near Stari Banovci. The Canal had a large number of animal and plant species living in the water as well as on the river banks. Yes, you read it correctly: “had”! Today this place is an example of reckless behavior.

Having in mind the fact that feces and wastewaters from nearby settlements are being dumped in the Canal without any purification methods, we can notice that its current state is alarming...

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Andrijana Arsić (Serbia)

2016 artikkelisarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 19-21v

Community gardens,
a solution for a healthy and profitable lifestyle

Undergoing the global economic crisis, Greece is a country that has been deeply affected on various aspects of daily life especially in urban centers. The cost of living has risen considerably and food products have become more expensive than it used to be.

People struggle for a new socioeconomic transformation and experiment with new ideas and creative actions. Community Gardens seem to be the new emerging trend in Greece as they offer not only an economic and ecological renewal of the cities but also a healthy and a mental support to the people that get involved...

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Maria Patreli (Kreikka)
2015 artikkelisarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 15-18v

Polk County,

Kudzu is smothering Polk County, North Carolina. The vines grow 12 inches each day; creeping into roads, climbing trees, and suffocating other plants. Locals are finding unusual and productive uses for the invasive species, yet it continues to start wildfires and cloak farm fields.

Kudzu was brought from clipped, ornamental Asian gardens to ditches and eroded areas of the United States in 1876. From 1935 through the 1950s, Southern farmers planted the foreign vine in an attempt to control erosion. Kudzu took off, spreading throughout the states...
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Jeanne Ferran (USA)
2015 artikkelisarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v


Wounds in the landscape

19-21-Wounds in the landscape

Frederico Santos (Portugal)

2017 valokuvasarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 19-21v

Litter Less Campaign: Imprisoned


Adriána Henčeková (Slovakia)

2017 valokuvasarjan voittaja (Litter Less -kampanja) ikäryhmässä 15-18v




Eva Mančíková (Slovakia)

2017 valokuvasarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v

What do we breathe?


Hanae Boudine & Wijdane Naaoui (Marokko)
2015 valokuvasarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 19-21v

Shout for help


Silvia Vandžúrová (Slovakia)
2015 valokuvasarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 15-18v

Your mercy, my lord!


Kawtar Laâkouss & Ayoub Ouhadou (Marokko)
2015 valokuvasarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v



Litter Less Campaign: Recycle to save!

Mafalda Portilho (Portugali)

2017 videosarjan voittaja (Litter Less -kampanja) ikäryhmässä 19-21v

Where Bees Do Not Fly

Tamara Eliašová, Mária Jánošiková ja Michal Mazánik (Slovakia)

2017 videosarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 15-18v

Rethinking Nature, thinking with Nature

Valbonnen kansainvälisen koulun oppilaat (Ranska)

2017 videosarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v

Energy in water

Ana Daniela Silva, Bruna Silva, Inês Rodrigues Escola Básica (Portugali)

2016 videosarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v

Don't expect others to change - change yourself

Martins Mozga & Martins Seleckis (Latvia)
2015 videosarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 15-18v

Cats, beware of cans!

Ofri Inbar & Geffen Inbar (Israel)
2015 videosarjan voittaja ikäryhmässä 11-14v